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Our coaching & instructor team is a motivated group of people excited to help others make positive changes in their health! Everyone on Team Lino has been through the 10-week challenge and has greatly improved their health through exercise and better nutrition.
Tracy is a Co-Owner, Level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training Instructor.
After seeing his wife Danas great results, Tracy decided to join FXB Blaine in July 2012. Despite his already active lifestyle as a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor, Tracy’s results, like the results of many other members, were transformative. He has lost over 20 pounds*, decreased his body fat and inches!
*individual results may vary
David is a Co-Owner, level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training Instructor.
David joined FXB in October, 2013 with his wife Sharilyn. David has a background in Martial Arts and was excited to learn this program and have the nutritional support. During David's first ten weeks he dropped 7 pounds, decreased his body fat by 3.1%* and has learned better eating habits thanks to his wife. David began instructing Strength Training classes at the Andover FXB location in January 2014 and Kickboxing classes in February 2014. David helped open the New Hope location by instructing many classes there. David believes the program helped change his life and enjoys teaching and instructing others and helping them along on their fitness journey.
*individual results may vary
Sharilyn is a Co-Owner, Level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training Instructor.
Sharilyn joined FXB in October, 2013, at the Andover location. Sharilyns goal was to lose 10 pounds, reduce her body fat by 5% and learn cleaner eating habits. After Sharilyn's initial 10 week program she lost 11 pounds, reduced her body fat by 4.89%* and developed a cleaner eating program for her and her family. Sharilyn started coaching new ten weekers after her first session ended and then began instructing Strength Training classes in April of 2014 & Kickboxing classes in October 2014. Sharilyn helped get the New Hope location going and instructed there 6 days a week before opening the Lino location. 
*individual results may vary
Dana is a Co-Owner, Level 2 Strength Training & Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor.
Dana joined FXB Blaine in January, 2012. During her 10 weeks, she lost 2 dress sizes, reduced her body fat by 8%*, and since has maintained her positive results. Dana went from not being regularly active to attending FXB six days a week for the past 5+ years. 
*individual results may vary
TR is a Level 1 Strength Training and Kickboxing Instructor.
Erika is a Strength Training & Kickboxing Instructor.
Erika has been with FXB Lino Lakes since we opened in October of 2015. She is passionate about health and fitness and does a great job motivating others in her classes!
Tom is a Level 1 Kickboxing & Strength Training Instructor and a previous $1000 winner!
Sara is a Level 1 Strength Training and new Kickboxing Instructor.
Sara has been with FXB Lino Lakes since October of 2015. As a level 1 strength training instructor, Sara is excited to help others achieve the success that she has had so far with the program. So far, Sara has lost over 15 inches from her body, has reduced bodyfat by 6% and is down over 20 pounds*. She has lowered her resting heart rate and blood pressure to a healthy range. Sara is stronger than ever as she increased her push-ups from her toes by 300% and decreased her 5K run time by over 5 minutes! Sara loves being a part of the wonderful people who support, push and encourage each other that is the Farrell's family!
*individual results may vary
Shawn is a Strength Training Instructor and our first $1000 winner! 
As a youth and young adult, I was very active. I played 3 sports in high school and 2 in college. After college, I kept busy with rugby, softball, and other general outdoor activities. I was never skinny, but was generally in pretty good shape. Then came 2 knee surgeries on the same knee over a 2-year period, and my activity level dropped dramatically. A few years later I got married and had kids. Before I knew it I was an inactive, over-weight soon-to-be 40 year old whose cholesterol and blood pressure were going in the wrong direction. I joined FXB in the Fall of 2015, and the results have been incredible. I’ve lost 40 pounds, lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, and have more energy on a day-to-day basis. The results are important, but just as important is the fact that I’ve found an exercise program that energizes me. When I miss a workout, I genuinely ‘miss’ the workout. The FXB atmosphere is challenging but encouraging, competitive but friendly. After 20-some years of trying different workout programs, I have found a home, and couldn’t be more excited about it.
Toni is a new strength training instructor and has been a coach for our new 10 week students.
I began my fitness journey with FXB in Jan 2016! I wasn't too active before then! Trying FXB was the best decision for me! I have gained back my confidence, made so many new friends and now have so much more energy to keep up with my very active kids! It's helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle!
Tony is a Level 1 Strength Training Instructor.
Theresa is a Strength Training instructor.
Lisa is a Level 1 Strength Training Instructor and a Kickboxing instructor.
Amy is our amazing part-time manager!
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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Lino Lakes
709 Apollo Drive
Suite 110
Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Phone: (763)203-4760 (Call or text)
Head Coach: Tracy McConkey
Franchise Owners:
Tracy & Dana McConkey
David & Sharilyn Erickson




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