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Important Dates 
September 23rd 2017

10 weeker 10 week testing and celebrations!
7PM at Chomonix Golf Course

October 7th, 2017
Fall Session starts

Fall Session Starts October 7th!

Choose one of the following packages: 

Engage Package

· 60 classes ONLY- 10 weeks, 6 days per week

Optimize Package

· 60 classes
· Personal Coach
· 3 Fitness Evaluations
· Chance to Win $1000
· Nutrition Checklist and Feedback
· Private Social Medial Support Group
· Gloves, Wraps, & Student Manual

Transform Package

· 60 classes    
· Personal Coach
· 3 Fitness Evaluations
· Chance to Win $1000
· Nutrition Checklist and Feedback
· Private Social Medial Support Group
· Gloves, Wraps, & Student Manual
· MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring System

Class Times:

5am, 6am, 7am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Sign-Up Today

Congratulations to our Spring 10-Week Challenge Finishers!

We are so pleased with the great results our recent 10-Week Challenge students achieved!  

And a BIG Congrats to our Spring Session $1000 winners,
Kathy H. and Sam M.
We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but individual results may vary.

Karen K, 2017 Winter Winner at Farrell's Lino Lake
Scott S, Winter 2017 Winner at Farrell's Lino Lakes

Lino Lakes Welcomes You! Meet Our Team

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Our coaching & instructor team is a motivated group of people excited to help others make positive changes in their health! Everyone on Team Lino has been through the 10-week challenge and has greatly improved their health through exercise and better nutrition.
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Life at Level 10®Follow Our Blog

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Blog

Sticking with Farrell’s!

If you think Farrell’s is “just another exercise class”, you have another thing coming! It also teaches you about nutrition and a healthier way of eating. Teaching you a way of eating that makes you feel like you are NOT on a diet, but rather a sustainable way of eating for the long haul. Not only are the workouts challenging and fun, but the people you meet are fantastic!

Gaining Back My Confidence at Farrell’s!

These people have become more to me then just workout partners. They are more to me than just acquaintances or friends. They are my people, my Farrell's family. Besides gaining a support system and friends, I have also gained confidence and courage.

Real Members from Lino Lakes FXB $1000 Winner Gallery


Farrell’s Lino Lakes Group Fitness Program!

Our unique group fitness program includes a full-body workout that’s designed to for all ages and fitness levels. Add muscle, lose body fat and transform your body and mind through cardio kickboxing, strength training, nutrition guidance and member accountability in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.


Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose inches, build strength or endurance, or just have fun working out, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Lino Lakes can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us to learn more about our fitness program and fitness family at Farrell’s Lino Lakes.

FXB LINO LAKES Facebook Page

Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Lino Lakes
709 Apollo Drive
Suite 110
Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Phone: (763)203-4760 (Call or text)
Head Coach: Tracy McConkey
Franchise Owners:
Tracy & Dana McConkey
David & Sharilyn Erickson




Storefront of Farrell's Lino Lakes